Obesity – Weight Loss Tips

This is not the sum total of appropriate weight loss/control knowledge, but it’s a start in the right direction:

  • If you are overweight/obese, radical and permanent lifestyle modification is the only “plan” that will work long-term. No number of weight loss programs, supplements, diets or even surgeries will suffice. You will NEVER have the ability or even the possibility to lose weight, keep it off and get healthy unless and until you begin to hate the unhealthy obesity more than you love the lifestyle by which it is maintained. Period! We welcome challenges to this premise…
  • Perhaps you’ve cut your calories and you’re frustrated that you’re not losing weight. Look at the percentage of your intake that is carbohydrates. Carbs are sugars, starches, fiber etc. Typical recommendations are 45-65% of total caloric intake however if you’re trying to lose weight you likely need to go under this. Your body prefers to use glucose (the building blocks of carbs) – if it doesn’t have a ready supply all the time it has to go harvest fat to use for energy. Yeah for fat harvesting!
  • Volume of food consumed is a major driver of weight gain (or lack of loss). The average (normal) adult stomach has a capacity of about 2 cups. Look at your dinner plate! If you’re consuming more than that volume at meals you’re very likely consuming too much. Believe it or not, you do not need more than this to be well nourished if you are choosing balanced foods. For helpful tips refer to this USDA website.